About GCE group

We are GCE-Group and we are strong in delivering quality.We are specialist when it comes to commissioning, quality control or maintaining your Building Management Systems, Electrical Systems and every component of the HVAC system. Together with our clients we come to high-quality solutions that meet all requirements in terms of comfort, safety, communication, sustainability, healthy buildings and cost reduction.

Involving GCE-Group early in the design or commissioning processes helps the owner, designer, contractor, and operator realize fewer costs due to delays, downtime, change orders and requests for extension of time for completion. GCE-Group works in the best interest of the owners, designers and contractors, thus facilitating and executing the project schedule and milestones based on unbiased execution of the project requirements and specifications.

why choose GCE-Group?

  • We benefit all system designers with our commissioning diligence by verifying the design works properly and is provided in accordance with the project requirements. Designers experience reduced requests for clarification, information, and questions about the system design and its intended operations.
  • Our commissioning process, including testing, identification of premature equipment failures, and due diligence, benefits contractors, equipment vendors and subcontractors by reducing material and labor costs, punch lists, callbacks, and warranty work.
  • Performance testing and any re-testing of poor results assure that the project works in compliance with the project requirements. The construction team, vendors and product manufacturers realize the benefit of concentrating on products and activities that meet the project guidelines, which can reduce product substitutions and value engineering.
  • Vendors and material providers benefit from proper equipment start-ups, performance testing, and operation/maintenance training to verify compliance with contract documents which accelerates the successful project turnover process.
  • Finally, warranty claims, completion delays, call-backs, and building down-time due to repairs are reduced because the systems are tested and performance is verified prior to occupancy.

Working with GCE-Group offers many operational benefits in terms of minimizing costs and maximizing building performance. Some of these benefits include:

  • Training that is facilitated and enhanced by requiring a plan and curriculum followed by monitoring and documentation of results.
  • O&M staffs are provided with comprehensive systems manuals and O&M documentation that allows seamless transfer of knowledge base about its equipment and systems understanding.
  • Users and occupants of facilities benefit from having a working or living environment in which conditions are designed, constructed, and efficiently and sustainably operated with their specific uses in mind.

how do we achieve success?

At GCE-Group we use all our available resources to make sure that all project requirements are being met by all parties involved. We do this by providing good and clear communication between the different projects teams, good judgement and professionalism, resolving issues as a team approach and documenting performance. In addition to having a great team oriented approach, our specialists are equipped with the latest engineering knowledge, with extensive and relevant hands-on field experience in all areas of the commissioning discipline. All our experts are credentialed and certified by reliable, nationally recognized, credible associations/ organization.

We are actively cooperating with the design and construction team members during all stages of the execution of the commission process. Our constructive input is critical during any discussions in regards to solving system problems and deficiencies. We approach any such discourse with obejectivity and diplomacy thus aiming to provide upmost clarity and swift resolution to any situation that does not adhere to the project requirements. Professionalism and ethics are guaranteed under all circumstances. Training and mentoring the building staff during the turnover phase combines GCE-Group’s technical skills with communication skills which are critical to the long term success of the building.

Utilizing our services will result in better buildings and building systems. We support a quality focused, mutually acceptable commissioning process and procedure. Our ultimate goal is to make the owner confident and satisfied that “they got what they paid for”, reduced risk and met or exceeded the scheduling targets and financial goals.