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About us

We are GCE-Group and we are strong in delivering quality.

We are specialist when it comes to commissioning, quality control or maintaining your Building Management Systems, Electrical Systems and every component of the HVAC system.
Together with our clients we come to high-quality solutions that meet all requirements in terms of comfort, safety, communication, sustainability, healthy buildings and cost reduction.

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Products and Solutions

Our global network of engineering and commissioning experts will guide you in every step of the project. We take care of everything, from the very first steps of the initial design, all the way through the commissioning and training.

Our specialists are all provided with the correct diplomas and certificates. With this we guarantee that we are aware of the conditions for a safe and effective way of working. We do this without compromising on quality. You can expect a professional work ethic and attitude from our specialists. We use a fair and competitive price structure. Our starting point is that both the client and GCE-group are satisfied with the labor costs relationship.

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