HVAC&R maintenance is an important part of optimizing an energy-efficient HVAC&R system operation, to improve indoor air quality, and to maintain a safe, healthy, and comfortable indoor environment. We employ the latest technologies and solutions to combine optimizing, energy-efficient HVAC&R system operation and predictive maintenance that minimizes cost and downtime due to failure.

HVAC&R maintenance is the work required to maintain or restore HVAC&R systems, including equipment, instrumentation, components, and materials, to condition such that they can be effectively operated to meet specified requirements . At GCE-Group we strongly recommend predictive maintenance based on equipment and system monitoring, the operating conditions, and performance to discover faults and degradations and thus remedy the problem before a system breakdown has occurred.

We provide maintenance service based on the specified maintenance program. The time interval between two maintenance programs depends on the operating hours of the HVAC&R system; dirt accumulation in the filter, coil, and distribution devices; and recalibration requirements of the instruments. Our maintenance program is tailored to each specific building and system.

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