Building Commissioning is steadily being embraced by public and private sector because of its benefits to the building performance, improved project delivery and diminishing the environmental impact of the building operation.

If your building management system and its subsystems require commissioning, expert guidance is essential. This is where GCE-Group excels. We have a systematic quality-oriented approach that improves the performance and sustainability of new as well as existing facilities. GCE-Group focuses on heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, and refrigerating systems while addressing total building commissioning processes by validating interfaces and possible interferences between all building systems. We verify and document that all commissioned systems and assemblies are planned, designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained to meet the owners requirements for all types of buildings and related infrastructure.

consistent and quality results

Our expert commissioning procedure can achieve consistently higher building capabilities according to intent, which can provide the most direct path to improving building performance. With our vision for commissioning new and existing projects we know how to produce and sustain high-quality building management systems by ensuring that all sub-systems interact flawlessly with each other.

highly skilled professionals

With our 15+ years of experience in the field of BMS we have developed detailed commissioning procedural methods that make for a smooth, cost-effective and timely project delivery. These processes help our customers and their project teams achieve quality performance in new and existing buildings. We measure and document the metrics of performance and operation for the commissioning process, creating the solid foundation for achieving all the designs goal and the uninterrupted operation of the facility.

complete project delivery

Due to the complex nature and interface of the building management system and its components, our highly skilled experts at GCE group prepare a complete set of commissioning documentation that are required in delivering a high performing building such as plans, procedures, coordination, verification and project records. Commissioning documentation and verification can lead to obtaining various energy, comfort, IAQ, and IEQ, and high performing building awards, while enhancing the learning experience, and helping to perpetuate the buildings’ sustainability aspects.

“Commissioning is arguably the single most cost effective strategy for reducing energy, costs, and greenhouse gas emissions in buildings today.”

why is commissioning so valuable?

The added value and many benefits to the owner by commissioning a building are manifested in higher-performing buildings that efficiently serve the occupants and, by extension, the economies they serve. Buildings are as diverse as the people who utilize them. The value and benefits of the commissioning process can be demonstrated in direct proportion to the cost and advantages of performing commissioning weighed against the cost and risks of not performing commissioning. The design and construction process is greatly enhanced by the expertise and facilitation of GCE-Group in integrating its multifaceted levels and phases in order to obtain its maximum potentials.

Facilitation of the design and construction phases, and review from phase to phase, add value to the process and the building performance outcome. These activities are performed by our experienced professional using industry “standards of care” and accepted best practices. Issues and their resolutions are facilitated and documented with communication to all members of the project team. The Owner can then receive the design and construction results at the scheduled time period, and within its budget. All of this provides a direct path toward informed and good practices during maintenance & operations.

testing and training

Our commissioning processes and procedures help streamline and accelerate the work flow of the project from start to finish. Scheduling and meeting milestones are enhanced by monitoring and intervention/facilitation by our commissioning engineers. For example:

  • Design and submittal reviews assure compliance with the project specifications, as well as prequalification of equipment, systems, personnel, and code/standards compliance.
  • Checklists are issued and documented, establishing prerequisites for timely provision of equipment and systems installation.
  • Performance testing assures compliance with design objectives and requirements.
  • Start-ups are performed as an integral part of the process and documented before any performance testing is started.
  • Training is facilitated to ensure continued operations

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