Refrigeration Technology

GCE-Group provides value to owners and managers of commercial and industrial facilities that use refrigeration systems by ensuring that project requirements are met and owners’ expectations are achieved. Refrigeration systems are complex and individually designed for each facility. Deficiencies in the system design found at start-up are not easily resolved and, as a result, maintenance managers or operators deal with unnecessary shortcomings and expenses over the life of the facility. The value of commissioning provided by GCE-Group is to establish a consistent stepwise process that helps “get it right the first time,” resulting in refrigeration systems that “work right” and minimize maintenance and energy costs.

Within our services we offer installation, repairs, maintenance and replacement of all major brand systems on the market. In doing so, we strive to provide such a service that causes little to no business failures. This allows you and your employees to concentrate on the daily activities and experience as few losses as possible. Properly commissioned systems reduce energy costs, are easier to maintain, help minimize liabilities from refrigeration leaks, and reduce loss of revenie due to system failures or unreliable performance.

Climate control places and rebuilding

Using our services will help achieve cost-effective and cost-efficient refrigeration systems for new projects, expansions, remodels, and existing systems that simply need a tune-up. For commercial facility owners and managers, this means improved profitability through lower operating and service costs as well as reduced downtime. For industrial plants, this means improved “up time” and improved labor productivity in addition to reduced operating cost.

In addition to performing the common work, you can also contact us for advice. Our experts like to take the time to answer your questions and provide you with targeted climate control solutions.

commissioning during construction and installation

The commissioning objectives of GCE-Group during construction focus on realizing energy and life-cycle cost expectations through the proper installation of critical systems and components. With proper planning we deliver the project on time and on budget and provide opportunity to properly commission the refrigeration system. Key areas on which we focus our commissioning efforts during construction include procurement of the refrigeration equipment and proper installation of the refrigeration piping and energy management systems. Proper procurement of equipment ensures that the specifications are met, that submittals match the construction document requirements, and that the commissioning intent of the design can be carried out. Proper installation of piping and EMSs enables us to fully perform the functions detailed in the commissioning plan and ensures a clean handoff to the Start-Up and First-Year Operation Phase of the project. Many commissioning opportunities may be missed if a step is overlooked or if the quality of the installation isn’t monitored. Commissioning during the Construction and Installation Phase of a project allows the owner the opportunity to operate the refrigeration system at a more efficient level and ensures long-term reliability and efficiency.

Startup and Commissioning

The installation of commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment and the ability to properly commission it are dependent on proper installation techniques as well as incorporating the correct compliment of components and interconnecting systems that allow commissioning to take place. We make sure that all specifications and reference documents are followed completely.

Our objective of commissioning during the start-up and first year of operation is to verify that the refrigeration system is properly started and that it operates as intended per the owner’s requirements and the project design. Performing additional commissioning activities after start-up during the first year of operation, which corresponds to the typical equipment warranty period, helps owners identify and resolve performance problems within the warranty period. Another reason to continue with commissioning activities through the first year, or longer, is because it is not possible during start-up to verify system performance under all conditions—including outdoor ambient extremes and the full range of cooling loads. Additionally, some performance problems may become apparent only after the refrigeration system has been operating for a period of time

transparent testing and verification

Commissioning within the construction schedule requires transparent coordination to ensure that all critical path processes, project communications, trades coordination, and out-of-scope cost impacts are considered and incorporated The testing and verification part of the project allows the owner to have confidence that the systems are at a state that allows commissioning during start-up to take place. Proper pressure testing ensures that the piping system and equipment are leak free and ready for evacuation and charging. Proper evacuation procedures ensure that the system is free of moisture and can function at its peak efficiency when charged and started. Verification of all sensors, controls, programming, and installation functions ensures that the project design is implemented as intended through the project design documents.

Service and Maintenance

An important part of our service is the provision of service and maintenance. We do this by means of the drafting of a service maintenance agreement. Because we have first-hand knowledge of your refrigeration systems, we are able to keep you informed in an attempt to avoid major repairs.

Well-maintained equipment means less cost. With the ever-increasing energy costs, a well-maintained system with efficient filters is more important than ever. Sector studies show that a well-tuned climate control system saves more energy than the price of the service agreement costs.

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